Bachura O.P.   Lobanova T.V.   Martynovich N.V.  

Commercial activities of the Russian population of the Yeniseisk city in the XVII - XIX centuries

Reporter: Bachura O.P.

This article provides description of the сommercial activities of the Russian population of the Yeniseisk city in XVII - XIX centuaries by data from archaeological excavations and ethnographic evidence. Hunting and fishing took place, but did not play a large role in the population live. Mostly large animal species were obtained. 9 mammal species were identified. Roe deer was main game animals that were caught around the city. Fur animal remains are not represented practically in the osteological collection. According to ethnographic documents fur trade was well developed in the Yenisei province. These differences can be explained by two reasons. The first is excavations cover houses only relatively rich residents of the city who did not hunt of fur animals. The second reason - the fur animal carcasses did not fall into the territory of the city. The people hunted boron game and waterfowl. Mainly wood grouse, bean goose and swans were preyed. Siberian sturgeon, nelma and taimen were the main objects of fishing. The Russian population of the city did not experience food problems. Livestock and tillage products were quite enough for life support. Hunting and fishing were only auxiliary.

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