Татауров Ф.С.   Tataurov S.F.  

The formation of the life support system of the city of Tara in XVII-XVIII centuries: use of local natural resources.

Reporter: Татауров Ф.С.

Creation of own food base was one of the most pressing problems in the establishment and formation of the first Russian cities in Siberia. Solution of the problem with food provided an opportunity to development of the city, turning it into the center of a newly developed district. In the absence of such base, the city became a hostage of the political situation and ceased to exist in the unfavorable situation that happened to Mangazeya, Zashiversky and others. This problem was especially relevant for the city Tara, based on Irtysh in 1594. Constant military threat from descendants of Kuchum khan, who relied on Kalmyks and other steppes, significant distance from Tobolsk and other Russian cities required to solve this problem in the shortest possible time. The way out of this was the formation of temporary loans around the city, where the citizens of Tara were engaged in farming, hunting and fishing. Materials of the city archeological excavations show the orientation of meat hunting for elk and roe deer, fishing for nelma, sturgeon, sterlet and pike. The semi-garden position of Tara in the first half of the XVII century led to the construction of a large number of food storage facilities directly in Tara fortress. Bread and salt barns, glacier cellars for meat and fish storage were built. We can state that despite all unfavourable conditions for Tara, the problem of food has been solved during the first 20-25 years.

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