Alaeva I.P.  

Settlement system in the steppe of Southern Trans-Urals in the Bronze Age (based on materials from the site in the Zingeyka River)

ABSTRACT: The paper provides information on changes in the settlement system in the Zingeyka river valley (Ural basin) during the Bronze Age. The results of exploration in the Zingeyka river valley from the village of Katzbakh to the village of Zarya in the territory of the Kizilsky district of the Chelyabinsk region (the length of the plot is 5 km) are presented. On this site, 9 settlements with Bronze Age materials were identified. At the first stage of the Bronze Age, on the site, there were 3 settlements with fragments of ceramic vessels of the Sintashta, Abashev culture. Two fortified settlements located several kilometres away (Kuysak, Sarym-Sakly) belong to the same time. The peak population of the valley occurs in the second stage. At the second stage, all 9 settlements functioned on the site. In the materials of the settlements fragments of ceramic vessels of the Alakul and Srubnay cultures are presented. At the end of the Bronze Age, at the last stage, there were only 3 settlements. Thus, we record changes in the system of settlement of the Bronze Age population within the Zingeyka River valley: from a significant increase in the number of settlements at the late Bronze Age stage to a decline at the Bronze Age final stage.

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