Sopova K.O.  

Raw materials of pottery production as a source for the study of Russian pottery in Western Siberia

The study of the pottery of the Russian population of Western Siberia is necessary to study the processes of cultural adaptation of Russians in Siberia. The purpose of this article is to analyze existing sources on raw materials for the production of ceramic utensils. The raw materials of pottery production reflect the adaptation of the population to environmental living conditions. Despite the fact that there are more studies on typologies for ceramics in this region, there are works devoted to the study of raw materials.

First of all, ethnographic and published archival materials were analyzed for the regions of Western Siberia. Analyzed the ethnographic and archival sources available to us, having studied the work of researchers on this issue, we came to the conclusion that there are a large number of clay raw material bases in Western Siberia suitable for the production of ceramic dishes. The development of clay deposits, the determination by masters of its quality, is an important step in the entire process of making ceramics utensils. Its study is necessary for the systematic study of pottery.

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