Kosorukova N.V.   Kulkova M.A.   Gimranov D.O.   Sablin M.V.   Lukinceva V.A.   Grinina T.S.  

Settlements system and economic model during the Stone Age in Vozhe Lake basin (north of the Vologda region)

Reporter: Kosorukova N.V.

АBSTRACT: The Vozhe lake basin located in the North of Vologodskaya oblast’ is lowland with numerous of rivers, streams and lakes. The shores of them as rule are bogged. Occasional elevations inside of lowland have a high about 1-2 m under water table and locate on the shores or in distance about 100-200 m from a shore. Usually the multilayer settlements were found on this elevations. The cultural layer is located under turf on the depth of 0,3-0,4 m from surface and contains the finds from the Mesolithic to the Early Iron Age. Peatbog sites were situated on the ancient lake shores, sometimes in the mouth of rivers and streams not far from settlements. The peatbog sites have clear chronological cultural complexes. The most studied peatbog sites are Pogostishe 14-15 and Karavaikha 4 that are dated from the Mesolithic to the Early Neolithic. Taking in the consideration that except from fish bones and fishing tools the numerous of animal bones and stone tools were excavated it can be concluded that they were fishing-hunting peat bog sites. The connection between base settlements on the shores and peatbog sites continued during a long period from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and even to the Middle Age until the farming appearance.

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