Isaeva T.A.  

Modernization of traditional nature management Khanty r. Trom-Agan

ABSTRACT: The traditional nature management of the Trom-Agan Khants combined fishing, commercial hunting and transport reindeer herding. Since the end of the twentieth century, reindeer husbandry has assumed a cultural function. Its modern version tends to be marketable. At present, the entire area of ethnic nature management is covered by modernization processes, preserving the principles of settlement culture and zoning of residential space. Special attention is paid to the arrangement of ancestral lands: fencing on boreholes and passer-by areas of swamps, installation of gate barriers at the entrance, fire protection: drilling wells for fire hydrants, fire ditches. A prerequisite for modern environmental management is the preservation of at least minimal forms of fishing. Hunting is represented by hunting birds, bears, wild deer and elk. Fur hunting is carried out mainly for personal needs. Partly meat hunting is replaced by seasonal breeding of poultry and rabbits. An interesting element of farming is gardening. The crop is consumed during the ripening season. Electrification has become an integral part of everyday culture. Household appliances, Internet, and cellular communications are widespread. The architecture of residential buildings has undergone changes. The size of the house, especially in summer camps, is increasing, the construction of rubble is rapidly spreading, the arrangement of spacious hallways, the installation of several Windows - plastic bags. The modernization of the worldview sphere – the most important component of the life support system-looks different. In fact, we are talking about attempts at spiritual adaptation, the formation of a specific socio-cultural landscape.

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