XII International Conference on Laser and Fiber-Optical Networks Modeling (LFNM'2013)

11 - 13 September 2013, Судак, Крым, Украина

Rubrics: Conference | Physics

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11–13 сентября 2013 года, Судак, Крым, Украина.

IEEE Photonics Society Chapter Ukraine,
IEEE AP/MTT/ED/AES/GRS/NPS/EMB East Ukraine Joint Chapter,
Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine,
V. N. Karazin National University, Kharkov, Ukraine,
Taurida National V. I. Vernadsky University, Crimea, Ukraine,
Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
University of Guanajuato, Mexico,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


  • Theoretical and computational study of fiber-optical networks.
  • Modeling/simulation and design of all kinds of lasers and LEDs.
  • Modeling and simulation in quantum optics.
  • Computational studies of optical phenomena at the micro- and nanoscales.
  • Theoretical and computational design of electromagnetic waveguiding and specialty photonic structures.
  • Modeling and simulation of laser-matter interaction at micro- and nanoscale.
  • Computational nonlinear fiber and integrated optics.
  • Computational studies of novel photonic materials and theoretical designs of photonic devices.
  • Simulation/modeling tools, methods, approaches.
  • Multiscale modeling/simulation in optoelectronics and photonics.
  • Theoretical and computational studies of photonic links, networks and systems.
  • Computational terahertz photonics and electronics.
  • Modeling and simulation in ultrafast optics.
  • Theory and computational physics of nanostructures.

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