It is our pleasure to announce
the 7th International Conference On Structured Catalysts And Reactors ICOSCAR7,
which will take place on September 19–23, 2022 in the marvellous city of Pushkin,
a suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The impetus for the introduction of the topic on structured catalysts and reactors as a subdiscipline of chemical engineering and the subsequent holding of the conference on this trend was the seminars "Monolithic honeycomb supports and catalysts", which were successfully held in St. Petersburg in 1995 and Novosibirsk in 1997 (Russia). This was followed by a series of ICOSCAR conferences:

ICOSCAR1 — Delft, the Netherlands, 2001
ICOSCAR2 — Delft, the Netherlands, 2005
ICOSCAR3 — Ischia, Naples, Italy, 2009
ICOSCAR4 — Beijing, China, 2013
ICOSCAR5 — Donostia-SanSebastián, Spain, 2016
ICOSCAR6 — Bad Herrenalb, Germany, Germany, 2019


We cordially invite you to participate in the seventh edition
of this successful conference series!



The latest news:
October - December 2021  - information about the event was sent out.
December 2021 - January 2022
applications for participation and abstracts of presentations continue to be received.
January 14, 2022 - sponsorship proposals are placed on the website. We invite companies to participate in the event!
January 17, 2022pages with information about the upcoming registration for the conference have been created.
January 18, 2022conditions is created and information is given for the forthcoming registration for the conference of domestic participants by paying fees in the national currency - rubles.
January 19, 2022 - updated website page and questionnaire with proposals for accommodation of participants in hotels of the city of Pushkin (Tsars Village).