Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to announce the 5th Russian-German Seminar on Catalysis “Bridging the Gap between Model and Real Catalysis. Synchrotron radiation in catalysis” to be held in Novosibirsk (Russia) on June 23-26, 2019.

Organizing Committee


Akademgorodok is one of the most important scientific and educational centers of Russia. Over a hundred institutions in Novosibirsk carry out scientific research and development. More than 1.5 thousand doctors of science along with 3.5 thousand PhD’s live and work in the city.

Novosibirsk scientific schools have gained wide recognition in the world and carry out applied developments in a wide range of "critical technologies" including microelectronics and nanoelectronics, ray and laser technologies, catalysis technologies, advanced materials, information technologies, and biotechnologies. It is surrounded by a birch and pine forest on the shore of the Ob Sea, an artificial reservoir on the river Ob.


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