Zeynalov, Adalet Sechrab oglu

Leading research officer, D.Sc. in Biology

Russia, Moscow

Reports list

  1. Griboedova O.G.*, Zeynalov A.S.**
    Adaptation capabilities and spread Pear psylla Psylla pyri L. in the central region of Nonblack soil zone of Russia
    *ФГБНУ ВНИИ фитопатологии (Moscow), Russia
    **ФГБНУ ВСТИСП (Moscow), Russia
  2. Zeynalov A.S.*
    Entomofauna of the agro-ecosystems currant: taxonomy, food and organotrophic specialization
    *ФГБНУ ВСТИСП (Moscow), Russia
  3. Zeynalov A.S.*
    The impact of climate change on population characteristics of plum fruit moth Grapholitha funebrana Tr.
    *ФГБНУ ВСТИСП (Moscow), Russia

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