Organizing committee

The  organizing committee board of the  XXI international scientific symposium on
«The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Research»

Chairmen of the organizing committee:                - academician A.P. Derevyanko, Dr.Sci (History) (Russia, Barnaul; Novosibirsk);
                                                                              - prof. N.A.Tomilov, Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk)

Cochairmen of the organizing committee:            - prof. A.A.Tishkin, Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Barnaul)
                                                                             - assoc. prof. M.A. Koroussenko,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk)

Vice chairmen of the organizing committee:            - assoc. prof. S.P. Groushin Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Barnaul)
                                                                                 - assoc. prof. K.N. Tikhomirov,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk)

Academic secretaries of the organizing committee:  -M.N. Tikhomrova,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk)
                                                                                   -N.N. Seregin, Cand.Sci (History),  (Russia, Barnaul)

Secretaries of the organizing committee board: 
       D.P. Zagorodnikova (Russia, Omsk)

                                                                                   Т.S.Parshikova (Russia, Barnaul)

Organizing committee members:

M.L. Berezhnova, Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk); Borodovsky, Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Novosibirsk);                                                
Y.V. Gerassimov Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk); V.V. Gorbounov, Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Barnaul); А.V. Zhouk, Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk);  Koroussenko S.N. , Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk); I.I. Nazarov, Cand.Sci (History),  (Russia, Barnaul); А.V. Маtveyev,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk); V.К. Меrtz, Cand.Sci (History),  (Pavlodar, the Republic of Kazakhstan), Chuouonbaht Mounbayar, Cand.Sci (History),  (Khovd, Mongolia);Y.I. Ozheredov, Cand.Sci (History),  (Russia, Tomsk); D.V. Papin , Cand.Sci (History),  (Russia, Barnaul); S.F. Таtаurov,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk); L.V. Таtаurova ,  Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk);  S.S. Тikhonov, Cand.Sci (History), (Russia, Omsk);  А.V. Kharinsky, Dr.Sci (History),  (Russia, Irkutsk); Y.F. Кiriyshin , Dr.Sci (History), (Russia, Barnaul); prof. Lanzhen Chzhan (PRC, Nanjing), prof. Shouy Тао (PRC, Nanjing)