Омск, Россия; Павлодар, Казахстан
XXII международный научный симпозиум "Интеграция археологических и этнографических исследований"/ The XXIIth international scientific symposium «The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Researches»

Тихонов С.С.  

Chronological sequence of formation of groups of knots on ropes, cords, straps

Node - one of the ancient cultural phenomena, appears in the society of Paleolithical hunters. With the development of new types of making food and raw materials, new nodes are being created. Mariners in the era of new times have achieved perfection in the art of knitting knots. Nowadays it is largely lost, since modern people do not need to tie knots. However, sources that testify to the existence of knots have survived. Unfortunately, archaeologists, ethnographers, and culturologists practically do not pay attention to this element of culture.
In the work the author tries to draw the attention of specialists to this topic, and introduces them to the version of the chronological sequence of the formation of knot groups on ropes, cords, etc. This logical construction is based on the fact that each type of economy requires certain nodes.
Key words: integration of archaeology and ethnography, archaeological and ethnographic comparisons, knot, chronological stages

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