Омск, Россия; Павлодар, Казахстан
XXII международный научный симпозиум "Интеграция археологических и этнографических исследований"/ The XXIIth international scientific symposium «The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Researches»

Tomilov N.A.  

Reseaches of Russian ethnoarchaeologists from the end of XXcentury to the 10-th of XXI century

The article considers the issues of periodization of the history of the archaeological and ethnographic direction in Russian science, the singling out of ethnoarcheology here in the 1990s as an independent scientific direction and its further formation, and the addition and functioning of the Omsk ethnoarcheological center for the last 25 years (1993-2018).
Key words: ethnoarcheology; scientific direction, archeology; ethnography; ethnic history; sociocultural phenomena; ethnographic-archeological complex; periodization of archaeological and ethnographic research in Russia.

Full text file: Исследования российских этноархеологов.doc

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