Омск, Россия; Павлодар, Казахстан
XXII международный научный симпозиум "Интеграция археологических и этнографических исследований"/ The XXIIth international scientific symposium «The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Researches»

Ахметова Ш.К.   Толпеко И.В.  

"Kyrgyz tombs" of the Omsk Priirtishje (possibilities for cultural and chronological attribution)

Reporter: Ахметова Ш.К.

On the base of «Materials to the archaeological map of the Omsk region» made by A. Palashenkov and materials of own expeditionary researches authors consider the problem of the so-called "Kyrgyz tombs" in the Omsk region. As a result of the study, they came to the conclusion that most of the «Kyrgyz  tombs» of Omsk Priirtyshye  are the earliest Kazakh cemeteries, some of which continue to function at the present time.

Key words: funeral complexes, burial ground, Kazakhs,«Kirgyz tombs», Omsk Priirtyshye.

Full text file: Ахметова_Толпеко_Интеграция 2018 (1).docx

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