Омск, Россия; Павлодар, Казахстан
XXII международный научный симпозиум "Интеграция археологических и этнографических исследований"/ The XXIIth international scientific symposium «The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Researches»

Тихонов С.С.  

The problem of organisation and organization and conduction of ethno- and ethnographic-archaeological researches

. The author considers issues related to the organization and conduct of ethno / ethnographic-archaeological works. The existing paradigm of studies of the phenomena of antiquity and the Middle Ages, based on the study of material sources, ultimately leads to the study of various aspects of archaeological cultures. At the same time, the available opportunities for carrying out work on the study of demography, economics, ethnographic-archaeological «universals», etc. are not fully used.
In the author's opinion, in order to carry out full-scale operations such a plan, it is necessary to shift to changing the basis for carrying out the work.

Key words: ethnoarchaeology, ethnographic-archaeological complexes, scientist, sources, procedure of research, methodology.

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