Kimeev V.M.  

Traditional metallurgy and smith of Shors: myths and reality

Russian historical documents of XVII-XVIII centuries., notes participants Academic expeditions, published legends folklore ethnographers articles Shor and regional specialists unanimously argue about high levels of development of ancient metallurgy and forging crafts from historical ancestors of the shorski peoples-Kuznetsk Tatars. Should recognize the leading role of abincev and other Kuznetsk Tatars in supplying neighbors-Yenisey Kyrgyz, teleut people, and through them the Dzungars machetes and iron armor. Causes of the loss of their forging craft called the ban the Imperial Governor of the transfer in the form of tributes of metal products, as well as competitions Russian iron on the domestic market. However, none of the archeologists still discovered during excavations on territory of mountain Shoria any single object, and only the remains of furnaces with zhelezoplavilnyh kricami, which, apparently, and paid homage to, for further processing of the Altai, Kyrgyz and Mongolian blacksmiths. There is no "Shor" armor and weapons in any of the Siberian Museum.

Keywords: Shors, teleuts, yeniseian Kyrgyz Turks, the Dzungar Mongols, ancient metallurgy, Smith, voivode of Kuznetsk

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