Зольников И.Д.   Добрецов Н.Н.   Лащинский Н.Н.   Глушкова Н.В.   Макунина Н.И.   Соколов К.С.  

GIS of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok for planning and development of territory

Reporter: Зольников И.Д.

For planning the development of the territory of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok created an open geographic information system(data that resides on a server as WMS - Web Map Services and are available for viewing in a browser, and to add layers to a map of any GIS that can work with the WMS-layers) includes satellite images of high and medium-resolution,  topographic maps, digital elevation model (DEM), transportation routes, buildings, hydrography, streets, major highways, vegetation.
A technology for the automatic classification of high resolution images to estimate the density of the forest and the proportion of conifers and deciduous trees is developed. Also proposed a comprehensive geo-information technology for simulating complex natural and human systems, based on the method of allocation of heterogeneous environmental systems [1]. When creating a geodatabase the main natural (forests) and anthropogenic (buildings, roads, railways, paths, etc.) components of the natural-territorial complexes (NTC) of Akademgorodok are allocated. Anthropogenic sites classified by degree of impact on the environment in accordance with existing health regulations. In the next stage density schemes for each type of elemental NTC was constructed. The resulting grids was converted to vector and overlay operations were carried out by the combination of density maps of buildings and trees. Comparative analysis of the Akademgorodok territory with other territories in Novosibirsk has shown that the influence of anthropogenic factors in the residential area of Akademgorodok is relatively not high compared to other urbanized areas of the city.
The developed technology allows to make a current and retrospective estimation of ecological status and execute the perspective modeling of changes to the spatial structure of natural and man-made ecosystems, ie, plan further development of Ecopolises with diffuse buildings. This work was supported by Integration Project of SB RAS № 10 «Dynamics ecosystems of Academgorodok: monitoring and development of recommendations for management».


1. Zolnikov I.D., Lyamina V.A., Korolyuk A.Y. Complex technology foe mapping and monitoring of heterogeneous landscapes // Geography and natural resources. 2010. №2. P. 126–131.

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