Zavadskaya A.   Yablokov V.M.  

Applying GIS for analysis and planning of sustainable tourism in protected areas of Kamchatka (on example of Kronotsky preserve)

Reporter: Zavadskaya A.

The paper is devoted to our attempt of creating a framework of sustainable tourism development in protected areas of Kamchatka. For achieving this purpose we adopted an interdisciplinary approach, using qualitative and quantitative research methods drawn from the environmental and social sciences.
All the collected data had been converted and integrated into cell-based terrain maps using ArcGIS. The key outcome of the work is creating the science-based framework and series of maps for sustainable tourism development in Kronotsky Preserve, which can provide both unique ecosystems’ conservation and benefits for local communities.
The research is conducted within the project “Conservation of Unique Ecosystems for Ecotourism in Kamchatka, Russia” (project ID 0454611), supported by Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP).

Abstracts file: Завадская_Яблоков_abstract.docx
Full text file: Завадская_Яблоков.docx

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