Кикин П.М.  

Справочно-аналитическая геоинформационная система на территорию социально-экономических комплексов

The report describes instrumental reference and analytical GIS that is being developing in the Siberian State Academy of Geodesy. Concept of this system, preliminary results and further steps of developing are shown in this paper.

Presently, most of the GIS systems have got various instruments for geo-data analysis, visualization, editing e.tc. It makes GIS very important system that can be applied for a great many purposes. GIS could be useful for many people that works in different fields. But, there is a problem. Usually it has a very difficult interface and demands a lot of  knowledges that makes usage of GIS instruments impossible if user does not have enough skills.

In this respect, developing of such a GIS that could provide possibility of work with its instruments for non professional users have begun.

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