Nikiforova E.M.   Kosheleva N.E.   Labutina I.A.   Khaybrakhmanov T.S.  

Geoinformation landscape-geochemical mapping of city landscapes (the case of Eastern District of Moscow)

Reporter: Kosheleva N.E.

Nikiforova E.M., Kosheleva N.E., Labutina I.A., Khaybrakhmanov T.S.
Lomonosov Moscow State Univercity,
Due to the high level of pollution of urban landscapes their ecological and geochemical mapping has acquired special urgency. Within the framework of this research the approaches for compiling such maps have been developed. A landscape-functional zoning of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow was made and a synthetic landscape-geochemical map 1:50 000 M, which shows the differentiation of landscapes in terms of accumulation and the risk of contamination with heavy metals (HM) was created.
The geochemical systematics of urban landscapes (Perel’man, Kasimov, 1999) was used as mapping basis, which takes into account two main aspects: the intensity of anthropogenic impact in different functional zones and landscape-geochemical conditions that affects the fate (accumulation or dispersion) of pollutants. Technogenic factors include the map of functional zones of Eastern District, compiled with multispectral high (2.4 m) resolution space images from satellite QuickBird, and geochemical maps of 2010, showing the content and distribution of HM in soils and snow cover. Natural factors are displayed on the component maps (landscape map, soil map, geomorphological map, map of soil pH, map of areas of flooding, etc.), characterizing the conditions of migration and accumulation of HM in geochemical landscapes. The synthetic map was created by comparing of these geoinformation data using GIS overlay of layers in the program package ArcGIS 9.3.
On this map 20 landscape-geochemical complexes were distinguished. The information attributed to these complexes characterized the ecological risks of contamination of components of landscapes with HM and determined the quality of urban environment.

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