Ivlieva N.   Manukhov V.  

On the mapping of the formation and becoming of the Mordovian autonomy

Reporter: Ivlieva N.

The experience of the scientific researches directed on the cartographical modeling of the features of the process of formation and becoming of the Mordovian autonomy is described in the given article.
The following problems were solved during the investigation:
• studying on literary and cartographical sources of the historic and geographical features of the formation of the national statehood of the Mordovian people, the analysis of the basic stages of the changes of administrative-territorial and national-territorial division of the investigated territory;
• an estimation of available cartographical, registration-statistical and references from the point of view of their suitability at drawing up of historical maps of the Mordovian region;
• creation by means of GIS- technologies of geographical bases of the future maps for the different periods of time, giving particular attention to their completeness, reliability and accuracy;
• creation of series of the interconnected and complementary maps displaying the development and formation of the Mordovian autonomy

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