Yablokov V.M.   Алексеенко Н.А.   Kalutskov V.N.  

Toponymic map of Kholmogory and its role in M.V. Lomonosov’s historical heritage conservation

Reporter: Yablokov V.M.

300th anniversary of the founder of the Moscow State University, Michael V. Lomonosov, celebrated in November 2011, became the impetus for increasing research of his heritage, including the studying of the homeland of the great scientist - Kholmogory district in Arkhangelsk region.
One of the main fields in research of Lomonosov's heritage is studying of cultural and historical features of Kholmogory, including toponymic landscape as union of geographic names of the territory.
Mapping of toponymic features of the territory enables carrying out of space-time analysis of a toponymic landscape and searching links between place-features and other cultural, historical and socio-economic characteristics of the territory.
The paper is devoted to our attempt of creating of the toponymic map of Kholmogory. For this purpose a series of maps, dated 18-20 centuries, articles, books and papers have been analyzed. Totally we’ve researched 143 toponyms and organized them into 12 groups – according to their time of appearance on the maps and their origin. This classification became the basis of the matrix legend of created toponymic map.
Established map, as well as other cartographic materials, obtained in the process of mapping, can be used in cultural heritage conservation and education.

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