Kalinin N.   Smirnova A.  

Geoinformation system Meteo

Reporter: Smirnova A.

On a hydrometeorological network the greatest distribution was received by geoinformation system GIS Meteo. GIS Meteo — specialized geoinformation system which represents interactive and working in a mode of real time the tool intended for use in operative work of meteorologists. Working out of GIS Meteo has begun in the late eighties the last century research-and-production center MepMejker (Russia). In 1990 developers have established the first version under control of Windows 2.03 on the personal computer in the Center on hydrometeorology of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk where the system has safely taken place approbation in operative working conditions.
Now the program complex of GIS Meteo is a universal tool of the meteorologist, the employee for manufacturing, processing and documenting of meteorological charts. The complex of GIS Meteo is intended for the organization of operative work not only weather forecasters, but also meteorologists, hydrologists, oceanologists, agrometeorologists. He allows to create meteorological charts in any cartographical projection and any scale. System GIS Meteo is certificated in Federal Agency of hydrometeorology — Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service — and now practically all Managements and the Centers on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring, and also weather services of airport terminals, use GIS Meteo. Software of GIS Meteo are established and in the high schools which are carrying out preparation of experts for гидрометслужбы, and actively used at training of students to skills of processing and representation of the meteorological information and a weather forecast.The program complex of GIS Meteo consists of geoinformation system, its various a component, the meteorological database, separate appendices, and also from numerous technological means of gathering and distribution of the data. GIS Meteo allows to organize with small staff about highly effective technology of operative hydrometeorological maintenance at very small expenses for its operation.
GIS Meteo builds cards with the operative meteorological information arriving from all globe. According to the various hydrodynamic forecasting models of weather counted in the meteorological centers of Russia (in the cities of Moscow, Novosibirsk), Great Britain (Reading, Exeter), the USA (Washington), Germany (Offenbach), are created cards with prognostic parameters of various advance time (to 168); under in advance prepared scenario of GIS Meteo automatically or in an interactive mode creates numerous layers of the information against a map of any scale. Such combination of layers on the computer monitor allows to carry out "paperless" technology of work of the weather forecaster under the analysis and a weather forecast.
Realization of operative work in technology of GIS Meteo occurs to the help of the automated workplaces — individual complexes technical and the software intended for automation of work of experts: the weather forecaster, the aviation weather forecaster, the radio meteorologist etc.The program complex of GIS Meteo, besides professional application as the basic tool of the meteorologist, is used for visualization of development of global weather. So, almost all central television channels at demonstration of the block of a weather forecast use the animations executed by means of GIS Meteo. And will be people who wouldn't look on a site developed by experts of MepMejker (www.gismeteo.ru) on which the big assortment of meteorological production is presented a little: from a weather forecast of different advance time for cities of Russia and abroad, to prognostic weather maps.

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