Dirin D.A.   Krupochkin E.P.   Dunets A.N.  

Geoinformation software of the tourist complex in the region

Reporter: Dirin D.A.

The dynamic development of tourist complexes in many regions tends to raise the quality requirements of information provision characterizing natural and socio-economic potential of the territory. In this regard, of particular relevance acquire scientific works that allow in complex to reflect the region's tourist space. However, most projects are aimed at a description of the regions and mapping the main, already well-known tourist sites. This limits their use in strategic and territorial planning of tourist complexes. Therefore, current scientific challenge is to develop a methodology using geographic information systems in tourism.
The main aspects of geoinformation support of the tourist complex in the region:
1. GIS in the automated assessment of individual recreational resources and opportunities for implementation of certain types of recreational activities, as well as a comprehensive assessment of tourist and recreational potential of the territory;
2. GIS analysis of human impact as a result of recreational activities on landscapes and monitoring of recreational land (including remote sensing);
3. Inventorying of tourist resources and tourist infrastructure facilities and their cartographic map;
4. Geoinformation modeling of tourist complexes, allowing you to create analogs of the spatial organization of tourist activity in a user-friendly form;
5. Automated control systems based on GIS to track the dynamics of recreational systems and manage them;
6. Use of GIS in spatial planning for regional tourism (recreational zoning, development of recreational frame of territory, etc.).

Abstracts file: Дирин Д.А., Крупочкин Е.П., Дунец А.Н. (Интеркарто17).rtf

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