Turyshev A.Y.   Яковлев А.Б.   Касьянов З.В.   Согрина А.Н.  

Perm Krai medicinal plants stock-taking using geographical information systems

Reporter: Turyshev A.Y.

Intensive anthropogenous influence can lead to sharp reduction of many valuable plants natural stocks. In this connection inventory data received early become outdated quickly. Absence of fresh stock-taking data and plant chemical composition features limits raw materials preparation and it`s industrial use which are not carried out in Perm Krai territory at present. Because of this medicinal plants resources stock-taking stands actual problem. Application of geographical information systems as methodological basis allows to realize medicinal plants areals mapping, to perform plant association square analyzis for significant territory of Perm Krai on high scientific level.

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Full text file: Турышев.doc

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