Baranovskiy N.V.   Жарикова М.В.   Ляшенко Е.Н.  

Conceptual project of web-oriented geographical information system for forest fire danger prediction

Reporter: Baranovskiy N.V.

Conceptual project of creation of web-oriented geoinformation system for the forecast of forest fire danger is considered in paper. Background research, which has shown significant scientific and technological backlog of the techniques used in territory of the CIS, from European and North American systems of the forecast of forest fire danger is lead. The model of the differentiated estimation of forest fire danger for the anthropogenous and natural reasons is offered. Design and technological features of realization of geoinformation system for visualization by means of Internet are considered.


Abstracts file: Концептуальный проект веб.doc
Full text file: Барановский НВ + Украина.doc

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