Nikitin O.   Kasyanov S.  

Visualization tool for the world ocean surface currents

Докладчик: Nikitin O.

     Fortran-based software for the world ocean surface currents visualization functioning on the OS Windows platform has been developed. The software works with the global interpolated drifting buoys data set (1979-2011) from the Global Drifter Program and the global bottom relief two-minute resolution data set (ETOPO2). These data sets loaded in binary form into operative memory of a PC, together with the software compose the world ocean surface currents visualization tool.
     The tool allows researches to process data on-line in any region of the world ocean, display data in different visualization forms, calculate currents velocity statistics and save chosen images as graphic files. It provides displays of buoy movement (animation), maps of buoy trajectories, averaged (by prescribed time and space grid intervals) current vector and modulus fields, fields of current mean and eddy kinetic energies and their ratio, current steadiness coefficient and sea surface temperature.
      Any trajectory may be selected simply by clicking it on any summary map of trajectories (or by given buoy number). It may then be viewed and analyzed in detail, while graphs of velocity (components, module and vector) and water temperature variations along this trajectory may be displayed.

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