г. Омск, Омский филиал ИАЭТ СО РАН, 16-19 октября 2013 г.
Творчество в археологическом и этнографическом измерении (The creativity via archaeological and anthropological dimension)

Abstract submission

The paper can be written in Russian and English. It’s limited to 12-15 thousand characters for the main text, one A4 illustration in the size 1 sheet A4.

The paper (the text, the list of references, signatures to drawings and tables) should move in the form of the MS Word format file with document fields: the left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm, top and bottom – 1,5 cm. The size 14 for Times New Roman, an unary interval.

Doesn't follow:
– to make tabulation;
– to allocate words with a discharge (between words, one gap should be signs);
– to divide paragraphs in the empty line;
– to use the teams which are carrying out in an automatic mode (an insert of footnotes on literature and notes, marking and numbering of paragraphs and so forth);
– to use macroes, to keep the text in the form of a template and with installation «only for reading»;
– to format the text and to do compulsory transfers.
At the end of article the List of sources and literature on which there are references in the text, in alphabetical order is provided.

Bibliographic references in the text are given in parentheses with the indication of a surname of the author, year of the edition and page.
Sample: Near Ulema's river the treasure of silver coins (Ivanov, 1987: 36).

Bibliographic description of the publication includes: surnames and the initials of authors (everything, irrespective of their number), the full name of work and the edition in which article is published, the city, the name of publishing house or the publishing organization, year of the edition, volume (for the multivolume edition), number, release (for periodicals), publication volume (the first and last pages – for article).
monographs: 1. Zakharova I. V, Tomilov N. A. Ethnographic scientific centers of Western Siberia of the middle of XIX – the beginnings of the XXI century. Omsk ethnographic center. – Omsk: Nauka publishing house, 2007. – 400 p.
articles: 2. Tomilov N. A., Alisov D. A., Zhigunov M. A. Some problems and prospects of studying of Russian culture in Siberia // Traditional culture of Russian of Western Siberia of the XIX-XX centuries. History and life sketches. – Omsk: Nauka publishing house, 2003. – P. 7-19.
electronic resources: 3. Astafyev V. Records of different years [Electronic resource] // Memorial: [site]. URL: http://memorial.krsk.ru // Astafiev.htm (date of the address 23.08.2007).

In the presence of notes – short explanations of the main text and additions to it, in the text at that place which the note concerns, it is necessary to give its numbering (1, 2, 3 etc.), and the note to gather after the list of references and sources.
Signatures are provided to illustrations and tables after the list of references and sources or the text of notes.
Drawings and drawings are represented on sheets A4 (from the back a pencil it is necessary to write a surname of the author, the truncated name of article, illustration number, the instruction "top" and "bottom") and in electronic option in the form of jpg or tif format files with permission of 300 dpi.
Reductions in the text should be deciphered, i.e. it is necessary to attach the LIST of REDUCTIONS to articles.

The organizing committee reserves the right to itself to reject the materials which do not correspond to specified subject or meet registration requirements.