Sabelfeld K.  

Stochastic simulation algorithms for drift-diffusion equations and imaging in nanostructured materials

We present in this talk new results the author obtained in the field of stochastic simulation of transient and steady state drift-diffusion-reaction processes and their applications in optoelectronics, visualisation of nanosize materials, quantum efficiency estimation of light-emitting diodes and sensors, and some other applications. The methods suggested are mesh free, both in space and time. Another feature of the methods is that they are able to calculate different integral functionals without precalculating the whole solution field. In particular, in the cathodoluminescence calculations and when evaluating the electron beam induced current one calculates directly the flux to the semiconductor surface and the total concentration of radiatively recombined excitons. We have extended the methods to systems of drift-diffusion equations governing the recombination of excitons of different type. An important feature of the methods is the exact simulation of exciton trajectories, without splitting the drift and diffusion components. We present some simulations from applied optoelectronic problems to show the advantages of the suggested methods. 

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