Erokhin G.N.  

The method of image an acoustic media based on the vector RTM-decomposition

The method Reverse Time Migration (RTM) [1-2] is widely used for the conversion of surface data into the data of the common image point - Angle Domain Common Image Gather (ADCIG), however, due to the wave nature, the method often produces data with noise. To overcome this, the regularization of data in the extended ADCIG space is applied [3-4]. In this paper we consider a method of complete vector decomposition of data - Vector Pair RTM (VPRTM) that provides the construction of an extended data space - Vector Domain Common Image Gather (VDCIG) [5-6]. The methods of statistical estimation of distributions in the multidimensional space of the parameters of the VDCIG signal make it possible to build an image of the acoustic medium in more detail than the RTM method and to carry out the necessary environmental studies more naturally and qualitatively. The method provides for the simultaneous construction of diffraction images, reflectors, AVO attributes, dip, scattering anisotropy, velocity tomography of the medium, etc. The method demonstrates the interference nature of the construction of such seismic images, similar to optical holography technology.

The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project code 16-11-10027).


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