Platov G.   Голубева Е.Н.   Krupchatnikov V.   Malakhova V.V.  

A Study of the Arctic climate trends under the global warming

Reporter: Platov G.

The problem of studying the Earth's climate has been at the center of attention for several decades and has recently become especially acute in connection with the so-called "global warming". The increase in air temperature by an average of 0.74 degrees during the last century by about two-thirds consists of the increase over the period 1980-2000. A change in temperature of such a negligible value, which one can not even feel, causes a number of more significant consequences in the climate system. One of the most striking manifestations of "global warming" is the rapid reduction of the Earth's ice mass, both mountain and continental glaciers, and the sea ice. The fact that a significant part of the Arctic as a result of seasonal fluctuations in the summer is completely freed from ice requires a comprehensive study to understand the new conditions for interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean in the polar latitudes.

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