Задворных И.В.   Грибанов К.Г.   Захаров В.И.   Имасу Р.  

Methane retrieval from dual-band spectral measurements: method, software and comparative characterization

Докладчик: Грибанов К.Г.

Atmospheric vertical profile of main isotopologue of methane can be retrieved with better accuracy and vertical resolution if inversion method involves simultaneously satellite spectral measurements in thermal and near infrared spectral ranges, as measured by GOSAT [1]. We propose the method and software for joint retrieval of methane vertical profile from themal (TIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) spectral ranges of TANSO-FTS/GOSAT sensor [2]. Also we showed [3] that joint dual-band retrieval of methane vertical profile improves vertical resolution compared to single-band retrieval. In this paper we performed full characterization of joint retrieval in the frame of optimal estimation method [4]. Averaging kernels, a posteriory covariance matrices, degrees of freedom are analyzed.

The study was supported by Russian Science Foundation grant No.18-11-00024.

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