Novosibirsk, Russia, May, 30 – June, 4, 2011

International Conference
"Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics: Theory, Experiment and Applications", devoted to the 90th anniversary of professor Nikolai N. Yanenko

Любанова, Анна Шоломовна

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Siberian Federal University
Russia, 660041, Krasnoyarsk
Phone: 3912448213, Fax: 3912448625

Reports list

  1. Mitin K.V.*, Любанова А.Ш.*
    Modeling of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields with reference to processes of gas purification and electrolysis
    *Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Russia
  2. Любанова А.Ш.*
    On new inverse problems for the pseudoparabolic equations of filtration in fissured media
    *Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Russia
  3. Любанова А.Ш.*, Зиборов А.Ю.*
    Optimization of the uniformity of a metal flow during
    *Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Russia

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