Novosibirsk, Russia, May, 30 – June, 4, 2011

International Conference
"Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics: Theory, Experiment and Applications", devoted to the 90th anniversary of professor Nikolai N. Yanenko

Dmitriev A.I.   Nikonov A.Y.   Psakhie S.G.  

Features of frictional contact at the atomic scale. Numerical simulation

Reporter: Dmitriev A.I.

Despite the permanent development of experimental methods for materials research, friction zone, and especially the area of real contact are difficult to access for study directly to the test. Typically, the basic data can be obtained only after completion of the experiment, or at some intermediate time after stopping the test. In this regard, the methods of numerical simulation can be effectively used to describe processes of friction and wear. A large variety of micromechanisms realized in contact area requests in investigations on different scales. In this paper, studies of the interaction of crystalline materials in frictional contact were performed using molecular dynamics method. According to the results of modeling the behavior of crystalline materials strongly depend on the conditions implemented at the junction. In particular, in the area of frictional contact may experience effects associated with the loss of crystalline order of the interacting materials. The results obtained in this paper can be used for understanding the structural changes realized in crystalline materials under conditions of frictional contact.

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