Novosibirsk, Russia, May, 30 – June, 4, 2011

International Conference
"Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics: Theory, Experiment and Applications", devoted to the 90th anniversary of professor Nikolai N. Yanenko

Ротанова И.Н.   Ловцкая О.В.   Ведухина В.Г.  

Geoinformation hydroecological analysis of surface water in the Ob basin

Reporter: Ротанова И.Н.

       Geoinformation hydroecological analysis of the Ob basin is based on the development of conceptual-information model for the basin water formation and use. The model forms the basis of geoinformation-analytical system developed. The system is distinguished by its water-ecological orientation, the availability of the catalog of metadata on the distributed water-ecological and the related geoinformation resources. It can be expanded so as to include the outcomes of mathematical modeling, data of field observations and the supplemental-empirical information.
       The system implies solving the GIS-related and specific tasks such as the characteristics of conditions for flow formation; the flow physical and chemical characteristics; the analysis of surface water quality and its potability; the characteristics of water sources and their pollution; mathematical-cartographical modeling.
       The geoinformation analysis involves the following:
Cartographic assessment of water resources state-of-the-art and use in the Ob' basin:
• collection, processing and analysis of available cartographic source information containing the data on description and assessment of conditions for water resources formation as well as the ones on qualitative and quantitative analytical and evaluation indices of water object state in the Ob' basin;
• application of cartographic research method to integrated assessment of water object state in the Ob' basin;
• formulation of basic principles and standings of water-resource and water-ecological cartographic methods to be used for information support of hydroecological analysis of the basin;
• preparation of basic digital maps and materials to be used under development of a series of situation, evaluation and predictive maps.
       Cartographic investigations of formation processes of surface water quality and quantity including:
• landscape-cartographic field works to obtain data on the environmental assessment of water objects and their catchments;
• method preparation on water-resource and water-ecological small-, mid-, and large-scale mapping for geoinformation-cartographic support of hydroecological analysis;
• cartographic evaluation of qualitative and quantitative indices of surface waters and their influential factors using the existing cartographic methods;
• structure development of specific databases on the basin's water objects in line with the State water register and water objects monitoring;
• elaboration of the concept, structure and information filling of a geoinformation-cartographic block of the expert support system aimed at water resources management in the Ob basin (using model water objects).
       The representative dataware for hydroecological analysis, the creation of cartographical and thematic data bases and the pilot GIS will contribute to the development of the decision-making system for the sustainable hydrologic functioning of the Ob basin system.

The work was carried out under the support of RFBR grant № 09-05-00920.

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