Криворотько О.И.   Кабанихин С.И.   Маринин И.В.  

Information systems of 4D modeling and analysis of natural and irregular processes on the Earth and in the human body

Докладчик: Кабанихин С.И.

We present the Integrated Tsunami Research and Information System (ITRIS) developed by WAPMERR in cooperation with Informap Software Development Department and the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS for the purposes of reducing risk due to natural and man-maid hazards and for rescue planning after disasters. These goals are achieved by advancing methods of real time modeling and loss assessment, by estimating the extent of future disasters in scenario mode, by calculating of risks, by characterizing the nature of the building stock in cities at risk, and through monitoring by satellite images. We emphasize on the mathematical modeling of the tsunami phenomena, i.e. direct and inverse tsunami problem, tsunami run-up, inundation and risk maps. And we present a project “Medical Human Research and Information System” that will be based on ITRIS techniques of visualization and 3D modeling.

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