Мусабаев Р.Р.   Амиргалиев Е.Н.   Мусабаев Т.Р.   Подрезов Д.А.  

Application of semantic information for speech synthesis with different intonation characteristics on the material of Kazakh language

Докладчик: Мусабаев Р.Р.

In the given article considered task of the speech synthesis with different intonation char-acteristics. For its solution used the methods of semantic analysis of Kazakh language texts. Creating of the Fujisaki model parameters set is based on the semantic information. This model allows us to modeling the intonation contour of the synthesized speech signal.
In order to properly address the challenge at hand, a unified language of phonetic repre-sentations has been designed, which allows defining and setting out various phonetic and intonation forms of speech. All the original data pertaining to models are described using the unified language representation that allows flexible inter-system interaction.

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