Шахов В.В.   Соколова О.Д.   Ахмет М.Б.  

Анализ отказоустойчивости беспроводных сенсорных сетей

Докладчик: Шахов В.В.

Fault tolerance  of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) becomes one of the most important issues. Networks security problems occurs not only from attacks launched by intruders but also from the inherent behavior of the network protocols. The security problems in wireless sensor networks can be categorized as follows. First, a sensor does not provide required services when it receives a lot of packets. The blocking probability of packets is increased and the packets delay becomes inadmissible. And second, if sensors transmit many packets then the sensors batteries are quickly exhausted. The paper introduces current state of arts of fault tolerance analysis methods for  WSNs. In this report we consider the feasibility and threats of the attacks and their impacts. A theoretical analysis of some intrusions is provided. The corresponding mathematical models are reviewed. 

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