History of the School-seminar

History of the Schools starts on summer of 2004 off-stage of 8th International conference “Problems of Operation of Information Networks” that took place on the Issyk-Kul lake on August 22-29, 2004. The main goal of these Schools is uniting scientists of Russia and Central Asia countries of Former Soviet Union, carrying joint researches, exchange of experience in solving problems of complex systems' optimization, and teaching students and young researchers.

Now main topics of the School are:

  • methods of intelligent control of complex systems;
  • analysis and optimization of systems with network structure;
  • optimal control of power systems;
  • problems of energy consuming, efficiency and management;
  • optimization in transport logistic;
  • optimization problems in info-telecommunication technologies;
  • optimal control and inverse problems;
  • optimization on discrete structures;
  • methods and tools for optimizing non-linear dynamic systems;
  • modeling and optimizing social-economic systems;
  • computer simulation;
  • robotic systems;
  • information security.

After many years School-seminar became prestigious forum for discussing latest scientific results among leading researchers in named topics.