2-я международная научная конференция «Генетика, геномика и биотехнология растений»

Иркутск, Россия, 30 июля – 3 августа 2012 г.


Участники, зарегистрировавшие тезисы (данные на 30 апреля 2012 г.)

1.D. Afonnikov (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Computer approaches to wheat high-throughput phenotyping
2.A. Andreeva (Karaganda, KAZAKHSTAN) The alkaloid cytisine in the cell culture
3.I. Balashova (Moscow, RUSSIA) Improvement of tomato sporophyte selection for special hydroponic conditions (on narrow benches)
4.A. Bari (Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN) miRNA binding sites in genes of Arabidopsis thaliana are conservative in orthologous plant genes
5.A. Börner (Gatersleben, GERMANY) Genetics and Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources
6.A. Czaplicki  (Błonie, POLAND) Using of the biodiversity of Poaceae family species in improving of wheat Triticum aestivum L.
7.V. Denisyuk (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Description of the spike shape using computed features in images
8.A. Dmitriev (Kyiv, UKRAINE) Effect of chronic radiation on plant-pathogen interactions in 30-km Chernobyl zone
9.O. Dobrovolskaya (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Characterization of wfzp homoeologous genes in bread wheat
10.Y. Dolgikh (Moscow, RUSSIA) Genetic variability of cultured plant tissues under normal conditions and under stress
11.A. Doroshkov (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Prediction of the structure and localization of genes controlling leaf pubescence of wheat Triticum aestivum and barley Hordeum vulgare based on data about Arabidopsis thaliana genes
12.A. Dubrovina (Vladivostok, RUSSIA) Expression of calcium-dependent protein kinase (CDPK) genes in Vitis amurensis under abiotic stress conditions
13.L. Elkonin (Saratov, RUSSIA) Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of sorghum using tissue culture-based and pollen-mediated approaches
14.A. Enikeev (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Sequences of Plant Transformation: the Result of the Inserted Foreign Gene Expression or the Stress Reaction?
15.A. Ermakov (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) The model for auxin regulated AtPIN1 expression in the root apical meristem
16.E. Filipenko (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) The role of extracellular nucleases and RNA-binding activity in the resistance of higher plants to phytopathogens
17.T. Frolova (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Antimutagenic compounds of Chamaenerion angustifolium and Chamaenerion latifolium - from genome to biotechnology
18.E. Garnik (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Regulation of Arabidopsis gdh2 nuclear gene expression depends on functional state of mitochondria and chloroplasts
19.E. Khlestkina (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Functional specialization of duplicated flavonoid biosynthesis genes in wheat
20.A. Kiseleva (St. Peterburg, RUSSIA) Identification of photoperiod-insensitive Ppd-B1 allele using near-isogenic lines of Triticum aestivum L.
21.K. Kiselev (Vladivostok, RUSSIA) DNA mutagenesis in Panax ginseng cell cultures
22.K. Krutovsky (College Station, TX, USA) The Siberian larch complete de novo genome sequencing project at the Siberian Federal University Genome Research Center
23.Y. Konstantinov (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Gene transfer in tobacco mitochondria in vitro and in vivo
24.O. Lyusikov (Minsk, BELARUS) Cytogenetic Factors and Mechanisms of Formation of Triticale Genome With Rye Cytoplasm (Secalotriticum, RRAABB, 2n=6x=42)
25.P. Martinek (Kromeriz, CZECH REPUBLIC) Breeding of triticale (xTriticosecale Wittmack) for bread-making quality
26.L. Maximova (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Transgenic Tobacco Plants in Successive Generations: the Trace of Transformation
27.A. Mohammadi (Karaj, IRAN) Cytogenetics studies on some Matricaria chamomilla species in Iran
28.N. Moldakimova (Astana, KAZAKHSTAN) Effect of salinity on viral disease spread in plants
29.T. Odintsova (Moscow, RUSSIA) Plant antimicrobal peptides
30.R. Omarov (Astana, KAZAKHSTAN) Biological function of tombusvirus-encoded suppressor of RNA silencing in plants
31.Y. Orlov (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Integrative Computer Analysis of Antisense Transcripts and miRNA Targets in Plant Genomes
32.O. Orlovskaya (Minsk, BELARUS) Molecular cytogenetic analysis of triticale recombinant lines
33.A. Perfilieva (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Influence of thermal shock and infection on synthesis of heat shock proteins in a potato in vitro
34.E. Potokina (St. Peterburg, RUSSIA) Genetic diversity of Russian advanced wheat cultivars revealed with SSR markers
35.T. Pshenichnikova (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Chromosome location of genetic factors determinig physiological and biochemical processes associated with drought tolerance in wheat Triticum aestivum L.
36.D. Pyatrikas (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Amiodarone induces the synthesis of Hsps in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Arabidopsis thaliana cells
37.G. Raldugina (Moscow, RUSSIA) Transgenic plants of rape (Brassica napus L.), expressing the gene of the transcription factor of the rice Osmyb4, increased resistance to salts of heavy metals
38.N. Repkina (Petrozavodsk, RUSSIA) Effect of low temperature and cadmium on the gene expression of ATP-dependent proteases in leaves of wheat and cucumber seedlings
39.E. Salina (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Rearrangement in the B-genome from diploid progenitor to wheat allopolypolid
40.A. Selivanov (Moscow, RUSSIA) Superoxide dismutase activity in A. thaliana leaves during acclimation to hypothermia
41.E. Sergeeva (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) The approaches to the analysis of organization of 5BS chromosome of Triticum aestivum L.
42.A. Shcherban (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) A wide distribution of a new Vrn-B1c allele of wheat T.aestivum in Russia, Ukraine and adjacent regions: a link with the heading time and adaptive potential
43.M. Sitnikov (St. Peterburg, RUSSIA) Genetic determination of the nitrogen supply of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
44.I. Subota (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Phosphorylation/dephosphorylation of mitochondrial proteins in redox-signalling of higher plants under abiotic stress conditions
45.V. Tarasenko (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) Disruption of Arabidopsis reticulon gene RTNLB16 results in chloroplast dysfunction and oxidative stress
46.O.Tereshchenko (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) Anthocyanin pigmentation in Triticum aestivum L.: genetic basis and role under abiotic stress conditions
47.I. Tretiakova (Krasnoyarsk, RUSSIA) The biotechnology of embryogenic cell lines obtaining and plantlets of coniferous species in Siberia in culture in vitro
48.O. Tsivileva (Saratov, RUSSIA) First estimations of plant acridone alkaloid implemented in mushroom culture: growth promoter versus environmental stressor
49.A. Yurkov (St. Peterburg, RUSSIA) Selection of mycorrhizal mutants in black medic (Medicago lupulina)
50.E. Zayed (Cairo, EGYPT) Genetics parameters and isozymes in different pearl millet population