General information

The first All-Russian Conference «Polar Mechanics» was held in June 2-9, 2012 in Novosibirsk scientific center. It was organized by Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS. The second All-Russian Conference «Polar Mechanics» was held in June 3-5, 2014 in Saint-Petersburg and hosted by the Krylov State Research Center. The third International Conference «Polar Mechanics» was organized by Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. It was held in September 27-30, 2016. The forth All-Russian Conference «Polar Mechanics» was held in September 14-15, 2017 and was hosted by Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The objective of the Conference is to coordinate   work and to share information on the present state of studies in the field of polar mechanics and related sciences performed by scientific, scientific-and-technological and other groups and to define the priority areas of fundamental and oriented scientific research aimed to solve the problems of development and efficient use of Arctic and Antarctic resources.

The actuality of topic, which is traditional for the Conference “Polar Mechanics”, is defined by the problems of development of northern regions. The development of equipment and technologies, mining, the reconstruction of the Northern Sea Route under modern conditions, the construction and development of infrastructure of Arctic and Antarctic regions require to improve the methods of numerical and full-scale simulation of behavior of materials and structures, to develop the methods of predicting the natural and technological processes in high latitudes and under low temperatures.  It is therefore necessary to perform large-scale fundamental, applied and engineering research to develop techniques used to predict and control phenomena, which are specific for the polar mechanics at the stage of developing a new technology and at the stage of designing new technical devices to develop northern regions.

The duration of presentations is planned to be 30 and 15 minutes and oral poster presentations are also available. Each participant of the Conference can give only one oral presentation.