Russia Offshore 2013

12 - 15 февраля 2013 г., Москва

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Russia Offshore is back with brand new programme, including Geology and Oil Spill Workshops. The programme will focus on current issues affecting oil and gas suppliers and operators, as well as prospects for development in the Arctic shelf, Sakhalin, the Caspian and Black Seas.
What to expect?
Advanced reports from industry thought leaders on major offshore developments in Russia. Speaker interviews, debates, and round table discussions. Workshops on geological exploration and oils spill preparedness. Exhibition featuring the leading shale gas technology, solutions & services.
In depth discussion on the following key issues:
• Taxation, foreign investment, and other regulatory changes
• Regional transportation, well construction and subsea technical advances
• Reducing the cost of operation
• Financing, regulating, and accelerating the ROI from start-up offshore projects
• Infrastructure challenges
• Identifying  the sweet spots
Our programme is designed to give up-to-date information on the Russian offshore projects in the Arctic through presentations by key industry experts.

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