International Conference "Functional Materials"

29 сентября - 5 октября 2013 г., Украина, Партенит

Рубрики: Конференция | Техника, Физика, Химия

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The conference is devoted to the physics, chemistry, technology and applications of new materials and structures with the determined functional properties


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University
Institute of Magnetism of NASU&MESU
Institute for Single Crystals of NASU
Donetsk Phys&Techn. Institute of NASU
State Fund for Fundamental Researches
International Associated Laboratory «LICS»
UNESCO Chair “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development”

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Alexander Gorbovanov
Phone : (+380) 652 63 75 95

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