Functional and Stream Programming Seminar

Research seminar
"Functional and Stream Programming"

to be held on Septmeber 29, 2010
at A.P. Ershov Institute of Systems Informatics

Advance programme

10:00 Alex Shafarenko (Univ. of Hertfordshire) "Stream processing: history and state of the art"
10:30 Nikolaj Shilov (ISI) "On the Classification of Programming Paradigms and the place of Parallel Programming"


11:30 Clemens Grelck (Univ. of Amsterdam) "Principles of Microthreaded Architectures"
12:00 Roman Idrisov (Novisbirsk Univ.) "Interprocedural Analysis and Parallelization Based on the Call Execution Graph"
12:30 Рaimund Kirner (Univ. of Hertfordshire) "Embedded systems"


14:30 Sven-Bodo Scholz (Univ. of Hertfordshire) "Single Assignment C"
15:00. Lidiya Gorodnyaya (ISI) "A Programming Language for Teaching Parallel Computing" (short presentation)
15:10 Andrei Vlasenko (Kemerovo University) A system for automatic correctness checking of parallel programs
15:20 Nikita Andreev (Kemerovo University) Performance analysis tool for UPC applications


The talks commence at 10:00.

The duration of the talks is 30 minutes for a talk, and 10 minutes for a short presentation

For attendance and other inquiries please contact Dr. Nikolaj Shilov

Sponsored by Andrei Ershov Foundation