Novosibirsk, Russia

4 - 8 June, 2012


Achievements, Developments and Perspectives, The VI-th International Conference


We would like to pay your attention to those who need VISAS to Russia.

Please, answer to the following questionnaire (again through the web-site) together with registration:

  • Family name:
  • First name:
  • Birthdate & place of birth:
  • Number of passport: ..... issued by ....., date of issue .... , valid until ......
  • Affiliation plus address:
  • Telephone (office):
  • Fax (office):
  • Home address:
  • Dates of main arrival .... and departure ....
  • Places which you are going to visit during your stay in Russia:
  • Place of the Russian Consulate where you would like to apply for visa:

Also need a copy of your passport.

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Photo of Akademgorodok from bird's-eye view by Gelio