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The Impact of a Research-led Entrepreneurial University on a Regional Economy: Swansea University’s Science and Innovation Campus

  1. Knowledge is the most powerful single element in society. Following the development in recent years of a hyper-competitive global-driven economy, it has become evident that the core competency of a nation is i...

    Iwan Davies in Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions (2018)

  2. Chapter

    Case Studies

    The case studies on Tunisia and Jordan introduce the specific structural economic challenges the countries are confronted with, present major economic policies pursued, and apply the integrated regulation fram...

    Maximilian Benner in A New Arab Social Contract? (2020)

  3. Chapter

    China: Advantages and Risks of the Entrepreneurial State

    The chapter explores a case which may induce political scientists, economists and political economists to review the theories on growth, innovation and democracy, around which their disciplines have been organ...

    Francesco Grillo, Raffaella Y. Nanetti in Democracy and Growth in the Twenty-first Century (2018)

  4. No Access

    Chapter and Conference Paper

    Smart Cities and Entrepreneurship: A New Challenge for Universities

    The world population is increasingly urbanized. There is a need to analyze current smart urban challenges and opportunities, and to study how to incorporate smart systems into an agenda of urban competitivenes...

    Domingos Santos in Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Edition 2 (2019)

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    Towards Smarter Regional Development of Hong Kong Within the Greater Bay Area

    The Greater Pearl River Delta, more recently referred to as the Greater Bay Area (GBA), has and continues to rapidly develop into a significant and influential mega region in China, Southeast Asia and the worl...

    Sujata S. Govada, Timothy Rodgers in Smart Metropolitan Regional Development (2019)

  6. Chapter

    Manage Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

    A perfect innovation strategy is worthless if the firm does not have the organizational and entrepreneurial abilities to execute it. Innovations can succeed only when people and teams across organizations, net...

    Benoit Gailly in Navigating Innovation (2018)

  7. Chapter

    Life Sciences and Health in South West Wales: A Sub-regional Innovation Ecosystem

    South Wales has been nurturing a nascent Life Sciences cluster through initiatives including the Institute of Life Science (ILS) at Swansea University Medical School. ILS aims to provide an entrepreneurial lea...

    Gareth Huw Davies, Robert Marc Clement in Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions (2018)

  8. Article

    MNE–SME co-innovation in peripheral regions

    While there is growing interest in the division of entrepreneurial labor between MNEs and SMEs, most prior work focuses on empirical settings based within reputed clusters. To gain a more complete understandin...

    Shameen Prashantham, Sumelika Bhattacharyya in Journal of International Business Policy (2020)

  9. Article

    Emerging Perspectives on Regional Academic Entrepreneurship

    Academic entrepreneurship currently features as a leading topic in the field of entrepreneurship. This research study aims to carry out bibliometric analysis on this topic through recourse to cluster analysis....

    João Lopes, João J. Ferreira, Luís Farinha, Mário Raposo in Higher Education Policy (2020)

  10. Chapter and Conference Paper

    Entrepreneurial University and Its Engagement in the Triple Helix System: Roadmapping to Leading Innovation on Early Stage: The Technology Transfer Office Whole

    This paper presents as main contribution the standardization of complex areas in the development and empirical demonstration of a managerial roadmap tool applied to the TTO (Technological Transfer Office) scen...

    Aline A. Perini, Cassiane R. Jaroszewski in Proceedings of the II International Triple… (2020)

  11. Chapter

    The Role of Universities in Harnessing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    Universities have been documented as key influencers in the performance of agri-food innovation and entrepreneurial activities, and have been evidenced as significant contributors to building the competencies ...

    Paola De Bernardi, Danny Azucar in Innovation in Food Ecosystems (2020)

  12. No Access


    The Expanding Business of the Entrepreneurial University: Job Creation

    This chapter explores the role of universities in job creation. It does this by taking two approaches. The first is to look at how the university sees its role as expanding from traditional first and second mi...

    Mike Murphy, Michael Dyrenfurth in The Engineering-Business Nexus (2019)

  13. Chapter

    Encouraging Entrepreneurial Competence Development in Italian University Students: Insights from the “Contamination Lab” Cases

    This chapter aims to contribute to the debate related to entrepreneurship education (EE) within Italian universities. Specifically, it investigates the strategic role of the Italian Contamination Labs (CLabs) cre...

    Giustina Secundo, Claudio Garavelli in Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action (2020)

  14. No Access


    Smart Specialisation and the Agri-food System

    This chapter discusses the smart specialisation concept and the role of regional stakeholders in the agri-food sector as well as explores agri-food domain within the context of smart specialisation. Smart Spec...

    Kateřina Ciampi Stančová, Alessio Cavicchi in Smart Specialisation and the Agri-food System (2019)

  15. Article

    Open Access

    The Croatian path from socialism to European membership through the lens of technology transfer policies

    The transition from a socialist economy to one of capitalism brought, to many countries that had previously been socialist, a drastic decline in their technological competences, technological transfers, and re...

    Jadranka Švarc, Marina Dabić in The Journal of Technology Transfer (2019)

  16. Chapter

    A Reform Strategy for the UK

    In this chapter we outline a reform strategy to promote an entrepreneurial society in the UK. To put it in the words of the Varieties of Capitalism framework, the UK today represents a distinct liberal market ...

    Mark Sanders, Mikael Stenkula, James Dunstan, Saul Estrin in The Entrepreneurial Society (2020)

  17. Chapter

    Lessons from Abu Dhabi: The Road Towards an Innovative Entrepreneurial Economy

    The point of departure for this article is the notion of a natural resource curse. Taking stock of the literature examining what lies behind a negative association with growth, we stress the importance of examini...

    Thomas Andersson, Piero Formica in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Middle E… (2018)

  18. Article

    Open Access

    Internationalising Smart Specialisation: Assessment and Issues in the Case of EU New Member States

    Smart specialisation is currently probably the largest innovation policy experiment in the world. Its aim is to move the EU less developed countries and regions on path of R&D-based growth. This transformation...

    Slavo Radosevic, Katerina Ciampi Stancova in Journal of the Knowledge Economy (2018)

  19. Article

    The Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem—a critique and reconfiguration

    Sussan and Acs (Small Business Economics, 49(1), 55–73, 2017) proposed the “Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” (DEE), a novel framework to guide our understanding of entrepreneurship in the digital age. By integr...

    Abraham K. Song in Small Business Economics (2019)

  20. No Access

    Chapter and Conference Paper

    The Development of Smart Entrepreneurship as a Driver of the Smart Economy

    The study of new business forms requires an assessment of the factors that cause the entire modern economic system to change. New technological capabilities transform the nature of production interactions and ...

    Victor Antonov, Elena Petrenko in "Smart Technologies" for Society, State an… (2021)

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% цитирования       
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability IssuesОткрытый доступ 7.0 98%2/144
Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
2 555 363 82      
Technological and Economic Development of EconomyОткрытый доступ 5.7 95%14/270
1 480 259 69      
Financial InnovationОткрытый доступ 5.4 94%15/270
664 123 72      
Review of Development FinanceОткрытый доступ 5.0 92%20/270
161 32 72      
European Research on Management and Business EconomicsОткрытый доступ 4.8 88%72/637
Economics and Econometrics
414 86 79      
Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and ComplexityОткрытый доступ 4.7 96%9/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
977 210 65      
Wine Economics and PolicyОткрытый доступ 4.2 95%11/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
259 61 69      
Eurasian Business ReviewОткрытый доступ 3.9 94%8/144
Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
332 85 76      
Development EngineeringОткрытый доступ 3.8 94%14/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
153 40 80      
Judgment and Decision MakingОткрытый доступ 3.8 82%110/637
Economics and Econometrics
836 221 59      
Borsa Istanbul ReviewОткрытый доступ 3.5 84%42/270
376 106 64      
Journal of Business Economics and ManagementОткрытый доступ 3.5 84%16/99
Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
881 251 66      
Theoretical EconomicsОткрытый доступ 3.4 92%17/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
543 159 69      
European Journal of Management and Business EconomicsОткрытый доступ 3.3 82%48/270
261 80 69      
Economics and SociologyОткрытый доступ 3.1 91%20/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
1 009 329 69      
IZA Journal of Labor PolicyОткрытый доступ 3.0 78%13/58
Industrial Relations
178 59 59      
Journal of Advanced TransportationОткрытый доступ 3.0 76%151/637
Economics and Econometrics
2 319 780 67      
Agricultural and Food EconomicsОткрытый доступ 2.9 75%157/637
Economics and Econometrics
262 90 73      
International Journal of Energy Economics and PolicyОткрытый доступ 2.8 88%27/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
2 342 824 61      
Journal of International StudiesОткрытый доступ 2.8 83%205/1243
Sociology and Political Science
917 325 69      
Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative ScienceОткрытый доступ 2.7 87%30/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
165 61 41      
Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance JournalОткрытый доступ 2.6 75%66/270
254 96 83      
ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes ResearchОткрытый доступ 2.6 83%24/144
Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
729 281 61      
China Journal of Accounting ResearchОткрытый доступ 2.5 73%72/270
183 74 59      
Frontiers in Energy ResearchОткрытый доступ 2.5 70%186/637
Economics and Econometrics
790 315 53      
Quantitative EconomicsОткрытый доступ 2.5 71%184/637
Economics and Econometrics
363 144 83      
Contemporary EconomicsОткрытый доступ 2.4 85%34/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
304 128 59      
E a M: Ekonomie a ManagementОткрытый доступ 2.4 84%35/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
507 214 62      
Journal of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipОткрытый доступ 2.4 78%266/1243
Sociology and Political Science
92 39 67      
Economic Research-Ekonomska IstrazivanjaОткрытый доступ 2.3 67%208/637
Economics and Econometrics
1 180 514 53      
Asia and the Pacific Policy StudiesОткрытый доступ 2.2 80%104/529
Political Science and International Relations
341 156 65      
Public Policy and AdministrationОткрытый доступ 2.2 76%293/1243
Sociology and Political Science
368 171 65      
IIMB Management ReviewОткрытый доступ 2.1 66%75/221
General Business, Management and Accounting
212 101 60      
Regional Studies, Regional ScienceОткрытый доступ 2.1 75%303/1243
Sociology and Political Science
300 144 60      
Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic)Открытый доступ 2.0 76%54/228
General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
431 221 62      
Intellectual EconomicsОткрытый доступ 2.0 92%44/606
24 12 42      
Journal of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsОткрытый доступ 2.0 61%156/402
Animal Science and Zoology
228 114 57      
Palgrave CommunicationsОткрытый доступ 2.0 96%5/143
General Arts and Humanities
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Entrepreneurial Business and Economics ReviewОткрытый доступ 1.9 68%46/144
Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
346 187 58      
Journal of Central Banking Theory and PracticeОткрытый доступ 1.9 60%106/270
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Political Science and International Relations
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Baltic Journal of EconomicsОткрытый доступ 1.8 74%133/529
Political Science and International Relations
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Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
83 45 51      
Engineering EconomicsОткрытый доступ 1.8 56%172/394
Business and International Management
401 223 56      
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General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
323 175 60      
Central Bank ReviewОткрытый доступ 1.7 56%117/270
98 58 59      
IZA Journal of Labor EconomicsОткрытый доступ 1.7 62%22/58
Industrial Relations
57 34 59      
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67 40 58