Scientific program will be devoted to the following topics:

  1. Regularization method of ill-posed problems. (RAS Corresponding Member V.V. Vasin, prof. A.G. Yagola),
  2. Inverse problems of mathematical physics. (RAS Corresponding Member V.G. Romanov, A.L. Karchevsky, Dr. M.A. Shishlenin),
  3. Inverse and ill-posed problems of biology and medecine. (Academician N.A. Kolchanov, Dr. N.L. Podkolodnii, O.I. Krivorot'ko),
  4. Inverse and ill-posed problems of Earth Sciences. (Academician M.I. Epov, prof. I.N. Yeltsov, Dr. A.G. Fatianov, ),
  5. Inverse and ill-posed problems of ecology. (prof V.V. Penenko, Dr. A.V. Penenko),
  6. High performance computations in natural science. (prof. B.M. Glinsky, I.G. Chernykh),
  7. Inverse and ill-posed problems of Atmosphere and Ocean.(Dr. V.I. Kuzin, Dr. B.A. Kargin).

Scientific program will consist of lectures by members of the International Program Committee, talks by invited speakers and young (younger than 35) scientists' presentations.

Working languages are Russian and English.