Scientific program

The scientific program of the school conference includes:

1. The theory of inverse and ill-posed problems and regularization methods.

2. Numerical methods for solving direct and inverse problems of acoustics, electrodynamics, tomography, electrical exploration, seismology, gravimetry, transport theory, atmospheric and ocean physics, and environmental protection.

3. Inverse and ill-posed problems of biology, medicine, economics, financial mathematics and social sciences.

4. High-performance computing in the natural sciences.

5. Big data: mathematical problems and practical application.

6. Forecasting and data mining.

Lectures of members of the International Program Committee and invited speakers, speeches of young (not older than 35) participants and publication of works (Web of Science, Scopus) are planned.

Forms of participation: full-time with the report, participation as a listener, participation in absentia with the possibility of placing the text of the report on the conference website. Absentee participants will receive all conference materials.

Conference working languages: Russian and English.