Dear colleagues and friends, 

We are pleased to announce the Third All-Russian Conference METHODS FOR INVESTIGATION OF COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE OF FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS to be held in September 1-4, 2020 in Novosibirsk Scientific Center.

The 11th All-Russian Conference on Analytics of Siberia and the Far East dedicated to the 100th anniversary of I.G. Yudelevich will be held in parallel with it. The work of related conferences will be cross-cutting, therefore, those who wish, can have a unique opportunity to participate in both.

The official opening of the AFSE 2020 conference will take place on August 31, and the MIСSFM conference on September 1.

Complex diagnostics of functional materials is the basis for the investigation and optimization of their properties. The objectives of the conference is to discuss the current state of the physical and chemical methods of research and their application to a wide range of functional materials: conductors, semiconductors, superconductors, magnetic, and optical materials, phosphors, thermochromic materials, catalysts, adsorbents, membranes, polymers. Such materials can be crystalline and / or amorphous composites, thin films, nanostructures, high-purity substances. At the MIСSFM 2020 conference, special attention is planned to be paid to fundamental and applied research and the development of new technologies using beams of synchrotron and terahertz radiation.

A distinctive feature of the MIСSFM conference is its interdisciplinarity, therefore, we cordially invite researchers specializing in various disciplines to participate in the event.