The 2nd International Conference Plant Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology

RUSSIA, Irkutsk, July 30 - August 3, 2012

Cultural program

1. City tour (4 hours) - 700 rubles

2. 1-day Excursion to the Lake Baikal – 5500 rubles

3. 3-day Excursion after the conference to the Olkhon island  -  see information below and prices at 

Participants wishing to take 3-day Excursion to the Olkhon island after the conference, please send your request to before May, 20.


Excursion to Olkhon Island:

Olkhon is the biggest island on Baikal – it has a steep Eastern shore and a gentle, flat Western shore that runs into the lake. It is 72 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide with a population of 1500 people. The major occupations are fishing and cattle herding. The island's indigenous people are Buryats. The "capital" of the island is Khuzhir. Specialists still debate whether "Olkhon" translates as "little forest" or "dry", as both names seem to fit well. The amount of precipitation is extremely low here – about 240 mm per year.

Set against a background of beautiful landscapes, Olkhon boasts many archeological landmarks – ancient graves, settlements, and ruins of walls from the past. Olkhon was the first place on Baikal which Russian explorers visited during the 17th century. Olkhon is the geographical, historical and sacred center of Baikal. It is at the heart of many legends and fairy tales and is believed to be the home of many Baikal spirits. Legends say that Khan Gutababai came here, sent by high spirits from the Heavens. He was the head of all khans. His son Shubunkua still lives here as a white eagle.

We love our island, and want to keep it as it is. Please remember: do not cut wild flowers or kill animals, even butterflies or scary snakes. If you come to Olkhon in a car, please, use old roads, as it takes Olkhon's fragile soil a long time to recover. Please, watch campfires to prevent forest fires, especially in dry weather. Do not bury your garbage, it is best to take it with you and dispose of it in a proper place. If you want to learn more about Olkhon, visit the local history museum in Khuzhir where there is a rich collection of artifacts.

Olkhon has many beautiful places, and everyone discovers his or her own beautiful place. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular spots.